Goodall 12 Volt Start-All (11-601)

Part Number: 11-601
Price: $5,585.02
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

For those whose jump starting needs are less frequent or not time sensitive, the 11-601 offers a powerful, economical solution.

Output: 12 volt, 300 amp

Dimensions: 27″W x 23″D x 24″H, 275 lbs.

Engine: Air cooled Subaru engine with electric start. 1.85 gallon fuel tank

Cables & Clamps: 30 ft., 2 ga. welding cable, 500 amp clamps

The 600 series is our best-selling commercial-grade unit for jump starting any 12 volt vehicle. Choose from 300-700 amp output to get your vehicles up and running and on the road.

General Features

  • Volt and amp meter to monitor boosting output
  • Voltage Control provides regulated voltage that is safe for vehicles and on-board electronics
  • Reverse Current Shutdown Protection eliminates expensive repairs to the Start All® if the unit runs out of gas
  • Reverse Polarity Protection will not allow the Start•All® to be turned on if the cables are not hooked up correctly
  • Polarity and low battery LED indicators confirm proper connections
  • Antizap surge protection provides safer boosting
  • Single DC boosting switch for easy operation
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