Tiger Tool Hydraulic Wheel Stud Service Kit

Part Number: 10616
Price: $2,232.99
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Tiger Tool Hydraulic Wheel Stud Service Kit quickly and effectively remove and install even the most seized wheel studs on both disc and drum brake applications.

  • Elminates the risk of damage to hubs, seals, wheel bearings and wheel studs
  • Generates over 10 tons of pressing power
  • Manufactured from high-grade steel for strength and durability

The Tiger Tool 10616 Hydraulic Wheel Stud Service Kit is a comprehensive solution for servicing wheel studs in a variety of applications. The tool's interchangeable removal and install plates allow you to switch from disc to drum brakes in minutes. The flexibility of the removal plates means that as new rotors are introduced to the market, additional plates can be developed to meet the changing needs of the industry, ensuring the Tiger Tool Hydraulic Wheel Stud Service Kit stays current.

The Hydraulic Wheel Stud Service kit's aluminum sleeves slide over the wheel stud, minimizing the area between the threaded stud and the push adapter. The tool then centers itself, improving alignment and better distributing the load, meaning the tool is easier to hold and operate.

A simple add-on kit, part # 10613, is also available for servicing brake anchor pins and bushings, further extending the capabilities of the Tiger Tool Hydraulic Wheel Stud Service Kit.

Application: For use on disc and drum brakes

Requires a 10,000 PSI hydraulic Pump