55CF Welding Gas Cylinder with CGA580-F Valve

55CF Welding Gas Cylinder with CGA580-F Valve
Part Number: MTNWECGA580
Price: $234.65
In Stock

Features and Benefits:

  • Steel cylinder for CO2 / Argon Gas with CGA580 female valve
  • Green 55CF volume UC15# cylinder with 1800 fill and 3000 max. PSI rating
  • Cast rotary knob shut-off valve with female CGA580 outlet
  • Cylinder is 23" tall x 6.75" diameter and weighs 28 lbs. empty
  • Shipped empty (DOT restrictions) fill at a local welding retailer

This is the perfect tank for use with portable machine cart as it holds more gas than a small 40CF tank but doesn't tip the cart like a 125CF bottle. This 55CF cylinder is fill pressure rated to 1800 psi (3000 max.) and comes complete with CGA580-F shut off valve. Why pay a rental fee when you can own your own cylinder. Just fill at local gas retailer and never be billed again.

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