Steelman PRO All-in-One Rechargeable Light Kit

Steelman PRO All-in-One Rechargeable Light Kit
Part Number: JSP78708
Price: $158.98
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Features and Benefits

  • Anodized Aluminum Body Casing
  • 2.5 hours of run time on high, up to 8 hours on low
  • Rotating collar protects charging port from environment
  • Lithium-Ion battery with direct plug-in recharging system with UL adapter
  • All-In-One Kit includes: Slim-Lite, 700 Lumen Flashlight, and 2 UV Head Attachments

Steelman PRO's All-in-One Rechargeable Light Kit has you covered no matter what the application. The rechargeable base of the light is interchangeable with three different heads! A 700 lumens output flashlight head brightens up the darkest of areas. For those tight spaces, the slim light attachment works at 400 lumens and is perfect for sliding in to those tough to reach places. In addition, an ultraviolet (UV) head attachment is included for identifying leaks within AC systems. No matter what your lighting needs are, the Steelman PRO All-in-One Rechargeable Light kit will help light the way.  Be a pro...Steelman PRO!