6.0mm Front View Articulation Video Scope Probe

6.0mm Front View Articulation Video Scope Probe
Part Number: ASD60ART
Price: $1,254.15
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Articulation head allows 310 degree of total viewing angle from one probe
  • 6mm diameter / 1m (3' 3-3/8") long probe allows access to many applications
  • Articulating probe head control wheel and lock
  • LED light to illuminate inspection area
  • Flexible coil communications cable extends probe versatility and reach

Inspect a cylinder bore or other limited access applications using one articulating probe. A thumb wheel lock is provided to secure viewing angle. ASD60ART is IP67 rated for dust and fluids including water, coolants, oils, brake and transmission fluid. The ANSED articulation probe can be used with the Snap-on BK5500, BK5500A, BK5500W & BK6000 analog video scopes using the optional ANSED #ADPTR video scope probe adapter.