Multi-Fluid Transmission Fluid Exchanger

Multi-Fluid Transmission Fluid Exchanger
Part Number: SYMATF
Price: $5,969.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits

  • On Board 12V Battery Power with Charger
  • 0.1 Quart Increment Service Capability
  • 32 Quart New and Used On Board Fluid Tanks
  • Three Separate Pumps
  • Expandable External 32 Quart New Fluid Tanks

All the same features of the Symtech ATF1, now with the new ability to completely eliminate cross contamination of new fluids with the use of external new fluid tanks. Can be expanded with an unlimited number of new fluid tanks. No competitor offers the ability to offer unlimited expansion of separate new fluid tanks that truly offers the ability to prevent cross contamination of ATF fluids.