T-60 BMW Belt Tensioner Wrench

T-60 BMW Belt Tensioner Wrench
Part Number: SCH12500
Price: $83.70
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Features and Benefits

  • Access most BMW T-60 Torx serpentine belt tensioner fasteners
  • 2007 to 2013 N54 and N55 engines
  • Double ended wrench provides two T-60 bits for different applications
  • Extra long wrench improves leverage and accessibility
  • Special T-60 Torx tip fits snug in the aluminum tensioner body reducing damage

Access to 2007 to 2013 N54 & N55 BMW serpentine belt tensioner bolts is restricted.  This tool allows access to the tensioner bolts with limited removal of surrounding parts.  Extra long wrench provides extra leverage to loosen and tighten tensioner bolts. Double ended tool provides two length T-60 bits and offsets for access to difficult applications.  Specialty designed T-60 bit tip fits snug in aluminum tensioner body to reduce fastener damage. Reduce repair process time and fastener damage using this tool.