Ford 6.0L Diesel Service Tool Kit

Ford 6.0L Diesel Service Tool Kit
Part Number: OTC6770
Price: $200.48
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • 8 of our popular 6.0L diesel service tools in one convenient kit
  • Properly test vehicle systems for leaks and blockage
  • Safely remove and re-install harnesses without damage
  • Includes fuel filter cap wrench as well as glow plug and injector harness release tools
  • Also includes oil line disconnect tool, EGR removal tool, IPR controller, IPR socket tool, and fuel rail pressure adapters

Due to popular demand - we've kitted our selection of 6.0L Diesel Power Stroke Tools - combining OTC value with the convenience of storage. The tools included in OTC's 6770 help you diagnose pressure problems often associated with no starts and help you remove and replace common components like IPR's or EGR's, oil lines, glow plug harnesses, and injector harnesses. No need to go digging through your toolbox - it's all right here in this kit.