16 Pieces Master Lockout Tool Set

16 Pieces Master Lockout Tool Set
Part Number: OTC4452
Price: $113.93
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Master lockout tool set for unlocking door and tailgate locks inside a locked vehicle
  • Specially bent spring wires used to manuever around internal door components for access to the unlock button
  • Includes 16 unique lockout tools
  • Includes application guide with diagrams
  • Comes with deluxe vinyl carrying case

Set includes: lock knob puller, slide lock linkage hook, under window knob puller, under window lock button depressor, under window slide lock puller, lockout wedge, Porsche lock button depressor, Toyota/Chrysler key hole lever, GM/Ford linkage slider, Ford vent window lever, vent window button depressor, vent window lever puller, bell crank thin bar, bell crank wide bar, Mercedes/Volvo lock linkage puller, gas cap key, and instruction manual.