Steelman PRO Smart Ear 1

Steelman PRO Smart Ear 1
Part Number: JSP91927
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Features and Benefits

  • Turns Smart Device into a sound and vibration detection system
  • Diagnose location of unwanted squeaks, noises, and rattles
  • Sound level reading displays average, peak, and real-time values
  • Sound level readings are displayed in analog or digital formats
  • Download the app for free

Smart Ear 1 by Steelman PRO™ is designed to turn your smart phone or tablet into a diagnostic sound detection device. Simply purchase the hardware and download the free app.  Squeak, noise, and rattle detection becomes a breeze. Smart Ear 1 comes with a sound sensor clamp, sound wand, aluminum probe, ear buds, dual plug dongle connector, dual port dongle, and a nylon storage zipper pouch. The app shows real time, peak, and average decibel levels displayed in analog or digital formats. In addition, the app comes with an equalizer mode which can help drown out background noise while in use.

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