DEF Lever Action Barrel Pump

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For use with DEF, water-based media, detergents, soaps, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, hydraulic oils, lubricants, herbicides, and pesticides.

Anti-siphon vent cap allows pump to also be used as a siphon after several pumps. Loosen vent cap to break siphon action.

Designed to pump high viscosity oils without excessive fatigue

Delivers 1 pint (500ml) per stroke; built-in 2” bung adapter

Pump includes suction tube for use with 15-55 gallon drums, and a ¾” dia. by 3’ long discharge hose

Wetted components: polyacetal, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, Viton. Not for use with fuel, thinners, solvents.