LeakGuard SpotGun Jr. Kit

LeakGuard SpotGun Jr. Kit
Part Number: UVU480300
Price: $60.89
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Features and Benefits:

  • Professional A/C sealer
  • LeakGuard™ is specifically formulated for slow leaks that can occur over a 6-12 month period (or a leak rate of 25 oz. per year)
  • An excellent alternative to costly repairs
  • Can safely remain in the A/C system and prevent leaks from occurring in the future  - an excellent preventative maintenance product!

 Kit includes: 2 cartridges of LeakGuard™, primer cartridge to pre-fill the hose, bleed adapter, Spotgun™ Jr. Injection gun; low side adapter hose, UV dye that is certified to meet SAE J-2670 Standard and is OEM approved. LeakGuard™ has been rigorously tested for stability and compatibility. Leak rate testing; wear testing; viscosity effect testing; stability testing; no particles, precipitates or insolubles; no refrigerant decomposition; non-metallic materials compatibility. Will not clog or crystallize. Services 2 vehicles.


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