Toyota / Lexus V6 Cam Seal Removal and Installation Tool

Toyota / Lexus V6 Cam Seal Removal and Installation Tool
Part Number: SCH65510
Price: $92.18
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Efficiently removes and installs most Toyota and Lexus V6 cam seals in car
  • Remove old seal using a special seal removal tool, not a pick
  • Press in new seal using a precision seal driver virtually eliminates seal damage
  • All components are made of steel for durability and performance
  • Drivers, pullers and threaded rods are stored in a heavy duty plastic box when not in use

 This unique tool with it’s patent pending press and pull cup design allows the technician proper camshaft seal removal and installation on most Toyota and Lexus V6 engines. With this new design for removing cam seals, the conventional and difficult pick method is no longer necessary.

Once the cam gears are removed, screw in the threaded press rod. Insert the cup, washer and drive nut. Turn the nut until the cup presses all the way through the seal. You will feel the cup free-up behind the seal. Now remove the press rod including the nut and washer and thread the large stud into the cup and turn it until the cup pulls the seal out. A second cup is used to press in the cam seal utilizing the threaded press rod. There you have it, easy removal and installation of these stubborn seals. The kit includes: Removal cup, installation cup, press rod, washer, nut and large stud.

Made from heat treated alloy steel and high quality hardware,
the #65510 is the best cam seal remover and installer on the market.

Works on:
Toyota 1996 & later 3.0L & 3.3L V6
Lexus 1990 and later 3.0L V6 and 3.3L V6