Small Pin Universal OHC Gear Holding Tool

Small Pin Universal OHC Gear Holding Tool
Part Number: SCH11500
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Features and Benefits:

  • Designed with small diameter grooved pins for small hole OHC gears
  • Hold OHC gear while removing or installing center bolt
  • Use to turn OHC, engine, timing chain or belt or other related components
  • Small pin and pin spread work on Honda, Nissan, Toyota and other OHC engines
  • Originally designed for Honda / Acura 1988 to 1995 Civic & Integra engines

Small pin OHC gear holder is designed for smaller diameter OHC gears found on Honda, Toyota, Nissan and other engines using the smaller OHC gear configurations.  Narrow pin spread and grooved small pins provide positive lock into the OHC gear openings.  Use the OHC gear holder to R&R cam gear bolt, rotate engine and related components and set timing marks.  Originally designed for 1988 to 1995 Honda Civic and Acura Integra this tool has become a universal OHC gear holder for many manufactures engine configurations.