155-Amp DC Inverter Portable (230-Volt) TIG Welding System

155-Amp DC Inverter Portable (230-Volt) TIG Welding System
Part Number: MTNTIG6155
Price: $1,076.92
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Welds mild, stainless and chrome moly steels from 28 gauge to 3/16" with AR/CO2 shield gas
  • Infinitely adjustable output power 5-155 amps allows precise control on all material thicknesses
  • Compact 17V torch with 12.5' dinse connect flex-cable for fatigue free operation in tight areas

Portable professional 155-amp dc inverter TIG welding system features infinitely adjustable output from 5-155 amps and lift-arc ingnition on 230-volt single phase line and is capable of welding all steel alloys from 28 gauge to 3/16". Inverter power supply weighs less than 30 lbs. making this the perfect unit for automotive and light industrial applications. Package includes 17V torch and wide jaw clamp with UV/IR dinse connect cables, dual gauge gas regulator and hose, AK-2 torch kit and operator manual.