Advanced Battery and Electrical System Analyzer

Advanced Battery and Electrical System Analyzer
Part Number: MIDEXP-1000HD
Price: $1,572.31
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Battery pack testing; multiple battery routine from 1 to 6 batteries 
  • Special commercial battery algorithms for 4D/8D Group 31 batteries 
  • Tests starting/charging systems and diodes 
  • Truck/Automotive application specific parameters 
  • Cable drop testing compensation
  • Does not provide warranty code

The MIDEXP-1000HD from Midtronics was created specifically for the heavy-duty commercial/fleet market. Using new Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology, and designed for maximum flexibility, this analyzer will quickly become your electrical diagnostic tool of choice. DMM functionality, and advanced electrical system diagnostics. Enhanced communication capabilites - print test results with optional Ao87 printer (not included).