Relay Buddy® Pro Test Kit

Relay Buddy® Pro Test Kit
Part Number: ESI191
Price: $147.73
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Features and Benefits:

  • Kit includes 5 new relay adapters and blow mold case!
  • 3 new adapters for testing shielded relays
  • 2 adapters for testing new relay types commonly used on fuel pumps and other powered devices
  • Relay Buddy finds bad relays - loads the switch contacts - cycles the relay 10 times
  • Settable for 4 or 5 pin relays - green light if relay is good - red light if relay is bad

From the very introduction of 190 Relay Buddy, we've had the request to add adapters. With the addition of these new test adapters, we expect another round of growth in this product. Applications: automotive, heavy duty, marine, RV equipment.