Electronic Brake Service Tool

Electronic Brake Service Tool
Part Number: AULEBS301
Price: $179.95
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Features and Benefits:

  • Open and close the brake pads on vehicles with electronic brake calipers
  • Read and Clear EPB/SBC trouble Codes
  • Reset the brake pad thickness required for Audi A8 service
  • Diagnose EPB/SBC caliper functionality
  • Easy to use with step­-by-step on-­screen guided instructions

The Electronic Brake Service Tool is specially designed for safe and professional replacement of brake pads on an increasing number of modern vehicles. Connecting to the vehicle’s OBD ll socket, this tool automatically links up with the control module. Disengaging the brake system, it increases safety with the push of a button. Eliminating the needs to use expensive OE diagnostics systems to do the job on electronic systems, the EPB Service Tool is a time saver and a money maker!