TSI CH-22-ACC Tire Changer Accessory Kit

CH-22 Accessory Kit
Part Number: CH-22-ACC
Price: $175.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Improving on a good thing just got a whole lot easier. The Ch-22 ACC accessories kit is designed to enhance the speed and capabilities of the CH-22 Multi Tire Changer. No other manual tire changer on the market has the versatility and capabilities as the CH-22 Multi Tire Changer.

This package includes the following items:

  • 1 Floor Plate - Simply mount the CH-23 on to this 2’ X 2 1/2’ non-skid plate for a compact tire changing station. No need to anchor the plate to the floor.
  • 1 Mini Mongoose Kit (includes: Mini-Mongoose and Shorter Post) - This precise smaller version of the standard Mongoose allows for easy mounting and demounting of smaller tube type or tubeless tires such as the 4”. Also includes small center post.
  • 2 Wheel Protectors - Each package contains wheel protectors (1 mounting and 1 demounting) to be used with the standard Mongoose Tire Tool.
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