AutoExec Road Car-03 Mobile Desk w/ Cell Mount

RoadMaster Car Mobile Desk w/ Cell Mount
Part Number: 30000
Price: $238.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Our customers have been asking for an Auto Exec that truly helped put the laptop in a position that was easy to use and type - the RoadMaster is the solution. The 21" wide top has an adjustable laptop plate so the laptop can be moved to a comfortable position for typing. The laptop plate extends past the edge of the desk by another 3 inches making it 24" of overall reach from the far edge of the desk.

Secure the desk with the seat-belt in your vehicle. Secure the laptop to the plate by Fits most cars, smaller SUV's, and Mini-Vans.


  • 15.15”L x 21.25”W X 11”H
  • The laptop plate extends the computer another 3 inches from the edge of the work surface
  • 14 pounds


  • Dark grey body with light grey work surface
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