Battery Brain T4RV - Wired Push Button for Secondary Batteries

Battery Brain T4RV - Wired Push Button for Secondary Batteries
Part Number: 335126
Price: $140.00
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The Battery Brain is a computerize multi task controller, it has the ability of running several software that are stored in the memory of the unit for different needs, the user can add software that will be developed specifically for their needs. The Battery Brain can control the main current line, connect it and disconnect it under load. It can send a signal warning that a threshold has been reached(voltage, current, temperature, time or a combination of them) the warning can be followed by an active action or just warning.

The reset of the warning or action can be done manually, through remote control, wired push button or be done automatically when certain conditions are met.

It can control a number of functions such as turn off the ignition switch when the engine is running for a period of time with no actual movement of the vehicle. It can detect an electrical short and shut off the current source to prevent fire and send out a warning signal. It can activate a heating system when the temperature gets low or turn on a cooling system when temperature is high.

The Battery Brain needs 12V to operate but can control up to 2000A and a voltage range from 9V to 100V DC. It can control any hot line of AC current. The Battery Brain is for any type of vehicle and marine application, storage of energy from wind and solar plants.

It controls lithium Ion batteries, lead acid batteries and any other existing batteries