ELM 2000 EZ-Lift Lifting Magnet

ELM 2000 EZ-Lift Lifting Magnet
Part Number: ELM-2000
Price: $3,180.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Use EZ-LIFT lifting magnets to move plate steel, block or round steel, and iron material in your shop. Our super-powerful lifting magnet requires no electricity. It's perfect for loading or unloading most workpieces including press molds, plastic molds, machined parts, etc. Rated for up to 4,400 lbs!

  • Powerful lifting magnet tested to hold OVER THREE TIMES the rated load for maximum safety
  • Rated for loads up to 4,400 lbs.
  • Eliminates dangerous straps and slings
  • Fast, safe, efficient loading and unloading

    Note: On all our lifting magnets there is a built-in safety factor of 3.3 times the rated load. This means that the safety factor is 3.3 times the maximum rated load for each magnet. All Lifting Magnets need a safety rating; do not be misled by magnets without such.

    WARNING: Never lift more than the maximum rated load.

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