26" Multi-Surface Magnet

26" Multi-Surface Magnet
Part Number: MSM36
Price: $118.80
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The Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom comes with 7" wheels and a removable handle for easy storage. The optional rake loosens metal debris from grass or gravel, allowing the magnet to snap up leftover nails, tin scraps, screws, etc. The ideal product for residential roofers, shot-blasting facilities, construction crews, facilities maintenance, and equine facilities! Powerful magnets are enclosed in a heavy-gauge aluminum shell. This magnet works well over concrete, grass, gravel, and rough, uneven surfaces.

  • Snaps up hundreds of nails per sweeping.
  • Load-release feature for easy removal of debris
  • Adjustable sweeping height: 3/4" to 1-1/2".
  • Works over a variety of surfaces.
  • Optional rake attachment connects quickly to sweeper's mounting bracket using existing carriage bolt.
  • One-year warranty!
  • Magnet Width: 36"
  • Overall Width: 42"
  • Lifting Power: 60 lbs
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