Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit with Hose

Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit with Hose
Part Number: MITMV5565
Price: $253.51
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Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly and cleanly removes and prevents fuel injector deposits, and loosens and dissolves carbon on intake manifold and valves
  • Uses standard shop-air to deliver cleaning solution directly into the fuel stream or spray it into the air induction system
  • Enhances engine performance, improves fuel economy, reduces maintenance and improves emissions
  • High quality pressure gauge and adjustable regulator combination ensures proper delivery of cleaning solution
  • Functions on most domestic and import cars with high or low pressure fuel systems

Kit is made from durable steel and diecast aluminum construction. Kit includes: fuel injection cleaner assembly; manifold (includes pressure regulator and gauge, relief fitting, air nipple, inlet and outlet valves); 32 oz. canister; connection hose, wall mount bracket and user's manual (English, French and Spanish).