Manual Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner

Manual Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner
Part Number: UNRUM120W
Price: $1,510.25
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Flow Thru Brush removes paint from the outside of the spray gun
  • Wash gun delivers high pressure water to clean the internal fuild passages
  • Air Gun dries the spray gun and a spray out verifies a clean fluid passage
  • Green technology
  • Minimal water consumption

The UM120W is equipped with cleaning tools to effectively clean waterborne or waterbased paint from the spray equipment. The "GREEN" Water Recovery System features filtering after treatment with Uni-ram's flocculating agent, COAG-KLEEN FP (PN 102-8300.) Recovered clean water may be disposed of or resused, minimizing water consumption.