Two Gun Economy Solvent Spray Gun Cleaner

Two Gun Economy Solvent Spray Gun Cleaner
Part Number: UNRUG2000D
Price: $1,081.91
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans two spray guns and two cups at once
  • Stainless and powdercoated steel construction
  • Diaphragm pump driven
  • Enclosed cabinet for clean look
  • Small footprint for tight mixing room applications

The entry level, small cabinet two spray gun cleaner offers all of the benefits of the larger machines, just in a most compact size. The UG2000D clean two spray guns and two cups at one time.  It features 14 swirl action jets. Cleaning solvent is delivered via a dual diaphragm pump through a stainless steel siphon tube, into an all stainless steel tank and delivery tubes. Adapters to fit most spray equipment are included, along with a moisture filter for the incoming air line. Tank size is 17.25" x 13.5" x 14.25". Automatic shut off when lid is raised. A quick disconnect on the suction pipe for quick removal of the pail. Cleaning tanks, suction pipe, delivery tubes and rinse pump constructed from corrosive resistant stainless steel. Fully assembled, ready to use with any five (5) gallon pail of solvent.