LPH200-106LVP Pressure Spray Gun Only

LPH200-106LVP Pressure Spray Gun Only
Part Number: IWA5407
Price: $590.63
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Featres and Benefits:

  • Pressure fed HVLP spray gun
  • LV technology for superior atomization and low air consumption
  • LV6 air cap will produce signature tulip spray pattern
  • Higher transfer efficiencies
  • 13 inch spray pattern

The LPH200 model features Iwata's patented LV technology which creates superior atomization with low air consumption. The gun utilize Iwata's LV6 air cap which creates the signature tulip spray pattern achieving higher transfer efficiencies and is environmentally friendly. This model features a 1.0 nozzles size and will give a 13 inch pattern suitable for large work pieces in a variety of industries.

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