W101-102P 1.0mm Compact Pressure Feed Gun

W101-102P 1.0mm Compact Pressure Feed Gun
Part Number: IWA4403B
Price: $298.23
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Features and Benefits:

  • 8.7" pattern width
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Works well with medium to high viscosity enamels
  • 9.5 cfm, 35 psi
  • Compact size

The NEW W101-P pressure feed air-spray gun improves on the reliable reputation of the W100-P. The improved air cap design with increased pattern shape stability improves atomization and decreases mottling and blotching. The ergonomic gun body design combined with lighter weight helps to reduce painter fatigue. The new design also includes changing the fluid inlet from 1/4” to 3/8” common thread for seamless transition. Application: automotive, wood working, metal, plastic.