Bore Gage Setting Master Kit

Bore Gage Setting Master Kit
Part Number: FOW73-646-000
Price: $295.93
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Features and Benefits:

  • Base Anvil: 2.750" X .80"
  • Adjustable anvil 2.375" X .375" (two each)
  • Internal capacity: 6"
  • Depth capacity: 1"
  • 36 piece gage blocks

Use Fowler's new Bore Gage Setting Master Kit for accurately setting any bore gage up to 6" in diameter to an accuracy of .0001".  Other features for the setting device Centralizers capacity width: 2.625" and Quick-release holder for fast adjustment.  Economy Gage Block Set features tolerance to +/- .00005", Certificate of Calibration to N.I.S.T.  All in a high quality aluminum case.