OTC 4121A Spring-Return Hollow Center Hydraulic Cylinder

Part Number: OTC4121A
Price: $1,171.26
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • OTC's center-hole rams are ideal for jobs that require a great deal of force and a relatively short stroke
  • Compared to the force it develops, each center-hole Power Twin ram is lightweight, compact, and easy to handle, permitting its use in confined quarters
  • Center-hole feature permits extending jacking screws, cables, puller screws, etc., straight through the ram
  • For added job versatility, Power Twin rams also feature a basic head which allows the operator to change from a tapped hole to a plain hole by merely changing the head insert

Max Capacity: 30.9 Tons at 10,000 PSI

Replaces OTC 4121. Comes with adapters to be replace the 4121 in existing kits.

Cylinder and adapters only. Does NOT include puller attachment, center bolt or puller legs.