Pump Kit for the JDI-17PLP 17 Gallon Poly Low Profile Oil Drain

Pump Kit for the DOWJDI-17PLP 17 Gallon Poly Low Profile Oil Drain
Part Number: JDI-17PK
Price: $190.31
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
Features and Benefits
  • 110v Electric Pump
  • 8' Evacuation Hose
  • All Necessary Fittings to Assemble to DOWJDI-17PLP
  • Allows for easier evacuation of fluid
  • Complete pump kit
  • Pump kit includes everything necessary to evacuate fluid from the JDI-17PLP. Consists of all necessary fittings, 8' hose, and 110v electric pump.
  • To purchase the Pump and Drain as a unit, visit UniqueTruck.com or click here for Part #17500-Kit.
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