10,000 lb. Capacity Versymmetric® Two Post Lift

10,000 lb. Capacity Versymmetric® Two Post Lift
Part Number: CHLCL10V3
Price: $6,172.50
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Features and Benefits
  • Versymmetric® Offset 3-Stage front arms + 3-stage rear arms provide the greatest overall arm sweep enabling the lift to meet the widest range of vehicle pickup points
  • 11´ 8" standard height with 2´ and 3´ extensions available allows lift to be placed in standard service bay with 12´ ceiling
  • 48" elongated carriage design decreases load on bearing
  • Oversized 5" diameter pulley reduces stress on equalization system and increases cable life
  • Double Telescoping Screw Pads adjust to multiple heights minimizing the need for adapters
The CL10V3 features Challenger’s exclusive Versymmetric® Technology, providing the versatility to lift vehicles symmetrically or asymmetrically within the same service bay. This design allows virtually any vehicle to be serviced, facilitating increased efficiency and revenue potential. Padded overhead shut off system prevents vehicle damage. Rubber foot pads minimize stress to vehicles with delicate undercoatings. Single-point mechanical lock release system allows technician to disengage both columns simultaneously. Heavy Duty 5/16" cable reduces stress on equalization system and increases cable life. Fully gusseted base plate design reduces column deflection. Lifting capacity: 10,000 lbs.; rise height: 74-5/8"; adjustable column height: 11' 8"; cylinder overall: 11' 11"; adjustable width overall: 11' 11"; drive thru clearance: 105" / 100-1/2"; floor to overhead switch: 11' 2-1/2"; front arm  reach: 19-13/16" - 42"; rear arm reach: 37-5/8" - 60"; screw pad height: 3-13/16" - 7"; inside columns: 114-1/2" / 110"; 2 HP motor; 208-230 volts; 48 second rise speed; maximum load per arm: 2,500 lb.; ceiling height: 11' 11".

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