18 Piece Tap and Drill Bit Set - National Course

18 Piece Tap and Drill Bit Set - National Course
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Features and Benefits:

  • No center punch or pilot hole required
  • Rounder, more accurate holes
  • Faster penetration
  • Drills tough alloys
  • Added strength against breakage

Premium grade KnKut Drills are manufactured from a high grade M-7 Molybdenum high speed steel, that has a high vanadium content. KnKut Performance Drills are salt nitride treated, actually penetrating the tool's surface giving KnKut Drills the hardness to drill tough materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloy. KnKut Performance Taps give you quick chip ejection and clean, accurate threading. These spiral point taps have form relieved threads and double back taper to reduce drag and heat. KnKut Performance Taps are made of Hi-Tungsten and Hi-Molybdenum tool steel. They are surface treated for maximum lubricity and have precision ground threads for the best in accuracy and performance. Spiral point construction drives chips ahead of the tap, permitting higher speeds and faster cutting with less torque. Recommended for stainless steels and other hard metals. Plug style spiral pointed taps are ideal for production tapping of through holes. Spiral point taps usually eliminate the need for taper style taps. Set conveniently places the correct Drill with the Tap being used. National Course Set Includes: 6-32 Tap (T); -#36 Drill (D), 8-32 (T) -#29 (D), 10-24 (T)-  #25 (D), 10-32 (T)- #21 (D), 1/4- 20 (T) -#7 (D), 5/16- 18 (T)- ltr F (D), 3/8- 16 (T)- 5/16 (D), 7/16- 14( T)- ltr U (D), 1/2- 13 (T)- 27/64 (D).