Complete A/C Diagnostics and Service Kit

Complete A/C Diagnostics and Service Kit
Part Number: MSC66661-KIT
Price: $203.37
In Stock

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes 66661 - 134A Brass gauge set with 60" SAE hoses and standard couplers
  • Includes 91200 - air operated vacuum pump
  • Includes 53580 dye kit with 4 bulb true UV flex light, 10 application dye kit and injection system
  • Includes 85530 3 in 1 can tap, 52220 pocket thermometer, safety glasses, valve core remover, hose repair kit

MSC66661-KIT is a complete A/C kit  that includes all the equipment necessary to perform A/C diagnostics and service. Conveniently packaged in plastic case.

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