KV ARC Quick Probe

KV ARC Quick Probe
Part Number: WAE76760
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Features and Benefits:

  • There is no faster way to measure and compare peak kV, or verify the proper firing of the secondary ignition system, then with kV/Arc quick probe
  • Super bright LED strobe allows the user to determine if the secondary ignition is firing consistently, intermittently misfiring, or not firing at all
  • Indicates spark polarity on DIS systems
  • Detect problems caused by faulty wires, plugs, cap, rotor coil(s), etc
  • Works on distributor and DIS systems
  • Signal receiver probe quickly detects signal
  • Measures and displays peak spark voltage (kV)
  • Spark Polarity indicators (-green & +red)
  • Battery operated

The kv/arc quick probe is easy to use:
1) Simply place the probe over the ignition wire
2) Each time the unit detects a spark firing, it will flash the super bright LED strobe indicating a spark-firing event with sufficient arc duration
3) Then press the button and the unit measures and displays peak kV on the LCD display