Disc and Rotor Combo Kit

Disc and Rotor Combo Kit
Part Number: FOW72-520-222
Price: $155.98
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Features and Benefits:

  • Consists of Disc Rotor/Ball Joint Gage and Digit Disc Brake Micrometer
  • The Disc Rotor/Ball Joint Gage checks ball joint wear, disc rotor runout, tire and wheel runout, gear backlash, valve guide wear, etc.
  • 12 Flex arm can be set to almost any measuring position
  • Digit Disc Brake Micrometer measures thickness, thickness variation, and score depth
  • Measuring range is .300-1.300 .001 graduations, jaw depth 3.5

Other features: 0-1 in. indicator .001 graduations; Carbide tipped anvil faces; Includes measuring standard; positive locking nut on spindle. Both tools provided in a shop hardened case.

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