Agricultural Bead Breaker Kit [10106, 10518, and 10604 Hose]

Agricultural Bead Breaker Kit [10106, 10500, and 10604 Hose]
Part Number: 10203
Price: $1,049.95
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Heavy duty 10 tons of force to break the toughest beads. Breaks inside bead on outside dual farm tractor tires. Requires just 3" of operating space between dual tractor tires. No need to remove outside wheel to change tire on outside dual. Use with 10,000 p.s.i. air/hydraulic pump. The kit includes bead breaker and the following ESCO Model numbers: 10518- 1/2 Gallon Air Hydraulic Pump, 10604 - Hose Assembly with Hose Coupler, 8'