Zafety High Temp Lug Lock

Zafety High Temp Lug Lock
Part Number: ZLL
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Comes in Bags of 100

Wheel Lug Nut Security Means Positive Fleet Impact!

Reduced liability from risk of potential wheel loss
Lower maintenance costs from possible wheel damage and lug nut replacement
Simple visual check on wheel nut position
Demonstrates proactive safety

Design engineered plastic components with patented product design
Standard formulation for wheel end temperatures up to 300⁰F (149⁰C)
High temperature formulation for severe braking with wheel end temperatures up to 450⁰F (232⁰C)
Field tested at high and low rotation levels
Lab Tested in sever vibration conditions from -40⁰C to +50⁰C (-40⁰F to +122⁰F)
Flexible and easy to install or remove for wheel end service - fits over two adjacent nuts
Designed to be used on standard and hub piloted 10 stud wheels including Heavy Duty applications for both trucks and tractor-trailers
Applications include Motor-coaches, Transit Vehicles and full size School Buses (Type C and Type D)
Also designed for 8 stud wheels including parcel delivery vans, walk in vans (step vans), school buses (Type A and Type B)
Available in custom colors

Provides a clear visual check of lug nut security
Reduces risk of wheel loss and potential liability for personal injury, loss of life or property damage
Reduces need for replacement nuts and reduces costly wheel damage
Economical for all commercial units
Reusable on replacement wheels