Cheetah Safety-Flate Multi-Tire Inflator

Part Number: CHR-1
Price: $719.97
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The CHR-1 Cheetah® Safety-Flate was developed for fleet service application. No guesswork, or inconsistency, when inflating 1 - 4 tires at a time. Do it with precision and safety using the pre-set inflation gauge and regulator assembly. Constructed of high strength steel the CHR-1 Cheetah® Inflation System is built for heavy shop use and years of dependable service. Compact and light weight, the CHR-1 has features not available in other inflation tools. Using a 3/8" high volume, high flow regulator, the CHR-1 quickly and acccurately inflates up to four tires at the same time to the pre-set PSI. The CHR-1 is equipped with special couplers and four 10' hoses.

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