Tiger Tool Manual Wheel Stud Service Kit for Inboard Hubs

Part Number: 10611
Price: $1,008.99
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Tiger Tool Manual Wheel Stud Service Kit is completely portable and uses a heat treated forcing screw to provide fast and effective removal of even the most seized studs. The Tiger Tool 10611 kit includes a rigid heat treated steel press frame, chrome-moly steel components, and a convenient carrying case. (Upgradeable to 10608 hydraulic system)

  • Remove and install 10 studs in only 10-15 minutes!
  • Removal of the hub is not required!
  • Eliminates the risk of damage to hubs, seals, wheel bearings, and wheel studs!
  • Maximum safety from accurate installations!
  • For use on inboard hubs on trucks, semi-trucks, and buses
  • Interchangeable adapters for maximum flexibility

Do not use a hammer to remove or install studs while the hub is on bearings. A hammer can cause impact damage to the bearing raceway, which will reduce bearing life. Serious personal injury and damage to components can result.