WAR-LOK: Trailer Latch Lock TL-10

Part Number: 76050
Price: $77.97
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Use The TL-10 To Secure Your Trailer Doors

This heavy duty lock secures large cargo swing doors. This trailer door lock is made of cast steel making it nearly impenetrable.

It’s interior locking mechanism is completely hidden from thieves. There is nothing for a thief to focus on in his attempt to use a bolt cutter.

Quality Trailer Door Locks With Detailed Features:

The TL-10 cap protects the key hole and disks from elements that will travel upward and into the lock. This feature is especially helpful for those that travel through freezing weather.

Use the included 12″ cable to tether the lock to your trailer.

Keying Options

Key your locks differently, alike, or alike to a master key. Key a new locks to an existing lock. WAR-LOK Cares About Your Security. Therefore, WAR-LOK verifies key ownership before replacing a set of keys.