OTC: 2 Ton Aluminum Racing Service Jack

Part Number: 1532A
Price: $271.59
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

A newly updated 2-Ton Aluminum Racing Service with added features to lift faster, higher and be easier to use. The lightweight, 41-pound jack includes side handles for easy transport and loading into a truck for mobile service calls. Quick-lift design gets vehicles in the air quickly with fewer pumps. New and improved hydraulics and a wider track for the wheels make it durable and easy-to-use. A 4-foot padded lower handle protects rocker and door panels while providing maximum leverage to lift vehicles to a maximum of 18.5". Rubber saddle protects vehicle undercarriage and prevents slipping. Saddle can be removed for lower profile to get under road-hugging vehicles as low as 3.4". Meets new PASE safety standards.


  • Handle Length (in) | 47.625
  • Saddle Diameter (in) | 4.5
  • Wheel Diameter (in) | 2.5
  • Caster Diameter (in) | 1.75
  • Strokes to Full Height | 5
  • Actuating Handle Effort (lbs) | 85


  • Light-weight aircraft-grade aluminum construction makes it easy to carry and roll
  • Low profile allows it to be used with ground-hugging high-performance cars
  • Foam sleeve on handle makes pumping more comfortable
  • Meets ASME PASE-2014 Standard for Service Jacks
  • Includes side mounted carrying handles for quick and easy carrying
  • Five pumps to reach maximum lifting height
  • Min. height 3-1/4"; max height 18-5/8"