VersaVac Radiator Pressure Tester and Coolant Dam

TSI: Radiator Pressure Tester and Coolant Dam
Part Number: 160300
Price: $418.05
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Ingenious and simple, this new timesaving tool holds the engine coolant in, even when soft plugs, sensors or valves are removed for replacement or repair. Versa-Vac will pay for itself after just a few uses. High quality aluminum body is chrome plated for durability; storage case included.

The Versa-Vac Pressure Tester creates a vacuum, holding coolant in with little or no loss. For many minor repairs, there is no need to spend valuable shop time draining and refilling the system. The Versa-Vac unit fits standard radiator necks and installs as quickly as a radiator cap. Adapters are available to fit special applications.

As a pressure tester, the Versa-Vac allows a quick check of your repair with positive pressure from shop air. No tedious hand pumping. A radiator cap installs on the tester to provide pressure relief. An inlet ball valve adjusts the pressure applied to the system up to the maximum limit of the relief valve (radiator pressure cap). Air Requirement for continuous use: approximately 30 CFM at 120-150 PSI.