Goldak ML-1457 EMS Water Line Locator

Underground Water Line Locator
Part Number: ML-1457
Price: $794.97
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The ML-1457 was designed with both cost and performance in mind. The Goldak MLX Series EMS Marker Locators detect and pinpoint standard Electronic Marker System (EMS) markers, at specified depths or greater. The unique instrument housing unfolds from a compact, easily storable form to a lightweight, ergonomic form that is easy to carry.

Operation of the MLX series is simple, relying on the activation of a single trigger on the gun-style pistol grip. An internal microcontroller guarantees precision performance and provides other features such as marker depth approximation, auto-shutdown, and battery status monitoring.

  • Completely Automatic: No control adjustments
  • Bar Graphs for pinpointing and indicating marker depth
  • Simple, single-trigger operation (click-on, click-off)
  • Ergonomic, Light-weight package
  • Collapsible, Easy-to-store
  • Robust and distinct audio response when detecting marker
  • Easy-to-see LED display
  • Continual battery status indicator
  • Output jack for optional headphones

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