OTC: 1,000 lb. Capacity Transmission Jack

OTC: 1,000 lb. Capacity Transmission Jack
Part Number: 1794a
Price: $1,095.78
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Features and Benefits:

  • Air-assist primary stage for rapidly raising the mounting head, activated by depressing foot pedal
  • Hydraulic secondary stage for precise operator control, activated by a hand pump to raise the load, and a release knob to lower the load
  • Big, easy-to-grip knobs that make mounting head adjustments simple, and a safety chain for securing the load
  • Wide leg base with 4" polyurethane swivel wheels that provide stability and easy maneuvering (brakes on two of the wheels)
  • Safety overload system to prevent jack from being used beyond its rated capacity
Remove and install transmissions, fuel tanks, transfer cases and axle assemblies easily with this transmission jack. Overall height: 37-5/8" (low position), maximum height: 76-1/2", maximum forward tilt: 42 degrees, maximum backward tilt: 46 degrees, maximum side tilt either side: 12 degrees. Meets ANSI-Pald specifications.

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