Angle Blades for RHHG Groover

2 mm angle blade
Part Number: 22W
Price: $26.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Blade Set Only

The RHHG Hand Held Groover allows fast shaping and cutting of both rubber and plastic. The pistol grip handle is comfortable and light weight for hours of use.

Four temperature settings ensure the perfect heat while the built in safety mechanism prohibits the blade from heating until the blade is pressed, protecting the operator and eliminating the overheating of the blade when not in use.

Many blade sizes are available. The blades are fast and easy to change.

Angle Blades
Part # Cutting (Inches) Width (mm) Blades per pack
22W1 5/64" 2 20
22W2 5/32" 4 20
22W3 1/4" 6 20
22W4 5/16" 8 20
22W5 13/32" 10 20
22W6 7/8" 22 10