Dayton & Dual Wheel Adapter for Big Truck Tire Step - (Adapter Bar Only)

Part Number: 5950
Price: $70.00
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The 5950 Dual Wheel Adapter must be used when using the Big Truck Tire Step on Dayton and dual wheels.

This adapter provides extra stability by resting against the tire when there is no rim to rest against. The Dual Wheel Adapter is included with the 5800 Super Single 2-Step and the 5300 Super Single 3-Step.

The Dual Wheel Adapter can be easily attached to any Big Truck Tire Step by sliding the adapter’s two attachment posts over the step’s rear stabilizing posts. Secure the adapter with the included screws and nuts.

Super Single Model numbers 5800 and 5300 come pre-drilled for the adapter. If using the dual wheel adapter with model numbers 5500 or 5100 you must: 1) Remove vinyl caps. 2) Slide on adapter and mark hole placement. 3) Drill holes in the stabilizing posts. 4) Attach Dual Wheel Adapter.

*Note: This is the adapter bar only. Steps are sold separately.