OTC: Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

Part Number: 5280
Price: $24,056.95
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Features and Benefits:

  • OE tested and Dealer recommended - by many major diesel engine manufacturers
  • Robust design - for long shop life, can be used as part of a preventative maintenance program
  • High pressure cleaning process for thorough cleaning of ash from DPF - produces 10 times the burst energy of competitive low pressure units
  • Initial Burst Quick check to identify filters too plugged for proper cleaning
  • Movable with locking wheels - for placement throughout the shop

Computer Controlled Process Based on OE Requirements - for “Start to End” cleaning without constant technician monitoring.
Containment of hazardous ash - For easy disposal. HEPA Filter Air Exhaust System – To exceed environmental air standards for shop. Operates on standard 115V outlet. Proven to clean to over 92% efficiency. Third-party OEM test results using pin gauge measurement with approved SPX adapters and burst cycles. Actual results may vary.

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