Clayton Economy Brake Washer BCE-300

Clayton: BCE-300 Brake Washer
Part Number: 85BCE300
Price: $699.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

OSHA-preferred, low pressure brake washing system eliminates exposure to airborne brake dust during drum removal and brake cleaning.

  • Air Regulator limits air pressure to 32 PSI (2.2 bar); eliminates the need to adjust or otherwise regulate shop air pressure.
  • Clean all four brakes on 30 cars for less than the cost of one can of aerosol brake cleaner.
  • Broad-based steel-reinforced dolly keeps the unit strong and stable.
  • Large industrial-strength casters make for easy movement throughout the shop.
  • Polyethylene plastic will not rust, chip or dent.
  • Welded construction stands up to the daily rigors and rough handling common to vehicle repair facilities.
  • Cover stores on dolly and doubles as a catch-basin when servicing vehicles on safety stands.
    CareFree Disposal System
  • Solid waste: As simple as throwing out the trash.
  • Wastewater: Follow operating instructions and just pour it down the drain.
  • Disposal Guidebook included with each machine.

  • Flow through brush for heavy duty cleaning and scrubbing.
  • Injector nozzle for flushing and rinsing brakes.
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