Automatic Indoor/Outdoor Tire Inflator System (XDA)

Automatic Indoor/Outdoor Tire Inflator System (XDA)
Part Number: 79589XDA
Price: $787.47
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For precise and consistent tire inflation Haltecs Automatic Tire Inflator is the most advanced tire inflation equipment available today. Safe, reliable and accurate, it is also incredibly easy to use simply set the desired PSI umber on the inflator, connect the hose to the tires valve and thats it, Haltecs Automatic Tire Inflator does the rest. The built-in computer constantly checks the accuracy of the gauge, so theyre virtually maintenance free.
" Safe and easy to operate
" Inflates or deflates to desired pressure
" Extremely accurate extends tire life
" Faster operation than conventional gauges
" Detachable twelve-foot hose kit with clip on air chuck
" Large, easy to read back-lit digital read out
" Nitrogen capable
" Pressure range of 5-145 PSI
" Power-up pressure of 30 PSI
" Accuracy .3 PSI

Safety Precaution
These products, as well as all tire tools, should never be used by persons unless they have been trained properly according to O.S.H.A. Regulation #29CFR 1910.177 entitled Servicing Single-Piece & Multi-Piece Rim Wheels.

10% Under-inflation = 4% loss of fuel*
10% Over-inflation = 10% loss of treadwear*
*Fuel and tread wear estimates are based upon EPA and Goodyear studies.